You’ve read all about our extensions, now see for yourself! Check out our gallery of real life before and after client pictures. All photos submitted by certified Invisi-Tab salons and stylists.

“Invisi-Tab Extensions changed my life. I don’t have much hair, which you can’t tell. It’s been so easy to maintain and keep, I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my hair before- EVER!” Jill Crapanzano, Invisi-Tab client, Ron King Salon

For length…for volume…for something new

Everybody is looking for something different. That’s why Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions offer women longer locks and can also be used to add volume. For women with thin or thinning hair, the extensions can fill in spots to make hair fuller or conceal areas where hair has fallen out. In addition, Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions can also be used to highlight hair. Simply add a few pieces in a shade lighter or darker depending on desired hue to add dimension. See our collection

Sensational Color

Do you love someone’s color featured in this gallery? Click here to find your perfect color match or click here to learn about how to customize Invisi-Tab color.

All about texture

Are you asking “how did they get her hair to look like that?” Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions can add a little wave to straight hair and vice versa. Click here to find out how.

Looking for length

Whether you want hair all the way down your back or just to add a couple of inches, Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions are available in different lengths to meet your needs. Click here to see our availability.

Pump up the volume

Whether you’re looking for fullness throughout your hair or just in certain spots, Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions can fill you in. Click here to read how the Invisi-tab system can be customized for you hair.