What makes Invisi-Tab hair extensions different?
Invisi-Tab hair extensions combine the best quality hair on the market with the most convenient application process. Our bonds are keratin on one side and surgical adhesive on the other. Our extensions are guaranteed to stay in place for up to three months, after which time they are safely removed with our organic remover.

What makes it the best quality hair on the market?
Our virgin European hair is 100% unprocessed so that it looks and acts just like your own hair. It stays soft and manageable, and it will not become matted.

Can I color Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions?
Yes, absolutely! One of the best benefits of Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions is that they are 100% customizable because they are 100% human hair. You can apply a color service, highlights, low-lights, balayage, and a perm service. Remy hair takes a color deposit only. We do recommend that your stylist choose as close a color as possible to the desired hair color.

How long can I wear Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions?
Generally, 8-12 weeks or up to three months, depending on the individual’s hair growth rate. This ensures that the extensions will continue to look fresh and close to the scalp. They should be removed after three months to ensure the extension bond remains seamless.

How many tabs are needed to do a full head?
It varies from person to person, depending on size and shape of head, however, 20-40 pieces of 1 ½” tabs are generally enough for a full head.

Can hair be ironed, curled, and blow dried?
Yes, unlike other extensions, our hair can be ironed, curled, blow dried, and permed, so feel free to style and customize as you would any natural human hair.

What type of products can I use with my new hair?
Shampoo, condition, and style as usual! With Invisi-Tab, you can even use dry shampoos. The only product type we don’t recommend using are serums, as their oily texture makes hair slippery for the extensions.

Can Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions be reused?
We recommend using new hair to ensure top quality, but because our hair is of such high quality, they can be re-applied up to three times.

How are the tabs applied?
Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions are easily applied simply by sandwiching a thin layer of hair between two tabs and press together. Each bond can be applied in under a minute and a full head can be done in about 30 minutes.

How are Invisi-Tabs removed?
We have our own organic remover that was designed specifically to remove our extensions and bonds without damaging natural hair. We do not endorse or warranty any other form of removal. Our organic remover comes in a 4oz. spray bottle and safely breaks down the adhesive without damaging the hair.

What textures and lengths are the extensions available in?
Invisi-Tab ® Extensions are available in 10″-22″ length. Standard textures are straight.

Can color be retouched with the extensions?
Yes. Since Invisi-Tab ® only uses virgin hair, they can be colored with any color line. Color can also be applied at the roots without affecting the bonds.