Virgin European

The highest quality hair on the market, period.

See why New York Magazine named Invisi-Tab ® best hair extension – Uncompromised quality and undeniable beauty and style. Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions is revolutionizing the world of hair extensions.

Harvested from all over Europe to best match client’s hair type, this hair is 100% unprocessed, leaving it softer than other types of hair commonly used in extensions. They have never been treated or processed therefore have a high color acceptance allowing the extensions to be colored and highlighted just like natural hair. They are heat-friendly and can be styled with blow dyers, flat irons and curling rods to create the desired look.

12”-13” Virgin European Hair
14”-15” Virgin European Hair

LUXURIOUS Remy hair with long lasting luster.

Adaptability, that’s the Remy hair advantage. Remy hair blends perfectly to all hair types and offers an alternative to clients of all ethnicities. Culled from Asia, which is treated and colored to match client’s hair type, our Remy is real human hair. What’s more? Inivisi-Tab Remy Hair Extensions have the cuticle still on each strand, making hair luxurious and smooth with long lasting luster.

16”-18”  Remy Hair
18”-20”  Remy Hair

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